Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Block Posters

A while back, I needed to create a faux movie poster for school. Being that my art and poster making skills are on par with the skill level of a five year old, I opted to design the poster on my computer. The problem with this is that the project required a poster-sized poster. This is where Block Posters came in. It allows you to print any image onto multiple sheets of paper so that you can tape them together to form a large poster. There are several sites created for this purpose, but this is the best one that I found. It's pretty easy to follow the directions and make a poster. The biggest issue I had with the site was in taping all the pieces in the right place, but that's most likely a result of my lack of artistic talent. If you need to print out a large image, be sure to give Block Posters a try.

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