Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black Shatter O.P.I.

When I first heard of Shatter/Crackle nail polish, I was intrigued. But I'm not one of those super fashionable and cool girls, and I figured like many other trendy items, it was just something that I couldn't pull off. Then, I heard more and more about it. So, eventually I decided that despite my non-fashionista status, I wanted to try some. Thankfully, my grandmother kindly sent me a bottle of O.P.I. Black Shatter polish along with O.P.I. Not Like the Movies.

After class, I ran (metaphorically speaking, of course. My campus is too hilly for my lazy self to actually run around it.) back to my room so that I could paint my nails. Now, when I paint my nails, I'm like a kid who can't learn to paint inside the lines. I do my best, but it often just looks amazingly awful. That being said (I figured I better give a disclaimer because I'm probably going to include a picture of it), I used Not Like the Movies as a base. It's a shimmery polish that looks pink in some lights and green in others. It's a really fun shade that has my easily amused self moving my fingers back and forth against the light to see the color change. If you don't know much about shatter polish, you first have to put a color underneath it (at least I assume). Then you paint some of the shatter polish on the nail. It goes on fairly opaque, but then it "shatters" and you get the shatter effect. I'd definitely recommend adding a clear top coat when using the shatter, because it has an odd, dull finish without it.

As you can see, my polish has already withstood a couple of days of wear, and isn't looking its best. In fact, I didn't include my right hand because the thumb is literally missing half of its polish. So, am I cool enough to pull off shatter polish? Probably not. But that won't keep me from wearing it because it's super fun.

Have you tried O.P.I's Black Shatter polish or another type of shatter polish? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.


  1. I love that shatter polish(: If you add a clear coat on top I have found it last much longer. I've been wanting to try China Glaze's crackle polish as well, they have it in multiple other colors.

  2. I too would like to try some other colors. I wonder how China Glaze's stacks up to OPIs. I think OPI is coming out with some additional colors too.