Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Words With Friends Is Awesome

Whether or not it's true, I like to think that I sometimes am ahead of the game on trends. 
However, even my delusional self can't claim that to be the case with Words With Friends. After a fun fling with the Scrabble app, I discovered my true love, Words With Friends. And if you found that last sentence to be creepy, I'm going to guess that you haven't tried the app yet (or maybe you're just a lot saner than I am.) Anyway, I'm aware that my newfound love of Words With Friends is far from revolutionary. I've heard tons of people rave about Words With Friends before I tried it out. So, I guess that would make it kind of a slut if I kept going with my above relationship analogy. But, we should probably move on from that because I'm don't want to alienate you readers by being overly weird. So, what I'm trying to do is just humbly acknowledge that you've likely already heard of/played/watched someone play Words With Friends long before this review. If you haven't, let me share a little bit about it with you.

Because I'm awesome, I have pictures to go with this. Here's a sample game.

Words With Friends is pretty much like an online Scrabble app for the iPod Touch, the iPad, the iPhone, and the Droid. As you can see above, I play on my handy, dandy iPod Touch. It's called Words With Friends, but really, you can play with either a friend or a stranger. While it's more fun to play with people you know for bragging rights, sometimes I'm forced to start games with strangers to pass time while the people I know take forever and a day making their move. Anyway, it's got a couple of differences from playing Scrabble in real life. For one, the special squares on the board are set up differently. I haven't yet figured out exactly how the squares are different, but I know that they rack me up a lot more points that I can earn in actual Scrabble. Also, you don't have to count up the points or keep track of them yourself, because it's done for you automatically. Well, I normally just make someone else keep track of my points in actual Scrabble, but most of you probably aren't as lazy as me. Another difference from actual Scrabble is that you can play as to your convenience. In real life, Scrabble is normally played in one or two sittings. In Words With Friends, however, you can play whenever you feel like it. My favorite difference from actual factual (I've been resisting adding in factual ever time that I've said actual, so just give me this one) Scrabble is that you can try out words, and the app will tell you if they work. I'm always scared of the scary word-challenge in actual Scrabble, but in WWF (coming up with this abbreviation earlier probably would have been smart) you can try crazy words to your heart's content. It's quite simply amazing.

Oh yeah--this picture just reminded me. The app is free if you let them show you ads. As you can see, I'm cheap and went the free route. If you have money to spare though, you can buy the app for money (I don't know how much, and it's my spring break, so I'm not going to research) and have the ads removed. Anyway, I leave you with the above picture. It actually makes me look a lot more awesome with words than I actually am, so you can just believe that I win most of the time if you want to believe that.

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